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Adina Rojubally

Dr. Rojubally is a senior research scientist with 15 years of experience in conducting research and supporting various research projects in academic, healthcare and consulting settings. Her career portfolio includes population-based studies in oncology, quantitative and qualitative analysis, patient-reported outcomes, evidence synthesis, systematic literature reviews, and outcomes research. She facilitated multi-provincial projects, including a large national trial for young breast cancer survivors and an environmental scan on e-health policies. Dr. Rojubally has conducted several SLRs and NMAs for pharmaceutical company clients in the areas of oncology (acute myeloid leukaemia, multiple myeloma, small cell lung cancer), infectious diseases (hepatitis C), rheumatology (psoriasis arthritis) and multiple sclerosis. Her expertise includes designing, analyzing, and reporting on RWE studies and impact assessment studies on health-technology assessments (HTA) and European public assessment reports (EPAR).  She has co-authored several scientific papers, reviews, and reports and presented her work at national and international conferences. Dr. Rojubally is a multilingual professional and is able to communicate in both English and French. Dr. Rojubally has a PhD from Simon Fraser University.